Home Puff 3 Blades Vegetable Chopper, Cutter with Storage Lid (400ml)


Home Puff 3 Blades Vegetable Chopper, Cutter with Storage Lid (400ml)

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Brand: Home Puff

Color: Green


  • Built quality: – Comes with sturdy built quality with robust materials. BPA free materials used, which are safe for everyday use.
  • Features: – Save time as money with the easy pull tab cutter mechanism. 1 pull equals 12 cuts to save time and energy. No electricity required.
  • Design: – Comes with a unique design that also serves as a container to store and keep food fresh. 400ml capacity with compact design that fits everywhere.
  • Efficiency: – Durable sharp blades make short work of chopping vegetables, salad, fruits and more.
  • Warranty: – Comes with a company warranty of 1 year, which keep you covered all year round after purchase.

Package Dimensions: 99x133x270

Details: Home Puff 400ml chopper is designed using a regular consumer in mind. Easy, and hassle free experience that makes short work of vegetable chopping. Save up to 60 percent of your time, so you can work more efficiently. The chopper works seamlessly without any electricity, saving your precious time and money, as well. Chopping is made easy with the pull tab mechanism. Connected to a strong nylon rope, cutting becomes an easy task. Key features of the Chopper include: Non-electrical vegetable chopper that does the job and saves money. Comes with a lid to prevent from spilling during chopping. BPA Free material that is safe for everyday use. Large 400ml capacity with compact design. Highly efficient, sharp and Durable blades. Works with Vegetables, Salad, Fruits and more. 1 pull gives 12 cuts. Pull tab attached with superior quality nylon rope. Easy cleaning for a hassle free user experience. Also usable as a container to keep food fresh for long. Ease of Access: – Easy to use pull tab mechanism. Easy access to cleaning with the large mouth. Dis-assembly of parts is easy for cleaning purposes.

UPC: 742118662250


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