Camel Skyline,vacuum insulated designer bottle (purple)

Camel Skyline,vacuum insulated designer bottle (purple)

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Brand: Camel

Color: Purple


  • 12 hours hot and 24 hours cold
  • EcoFriendly:free from BPA, lead and harmful plastisizers
  • No sweat: no condensation on outer wall of the bottle

Package Dimensions: 73x242x390

Details: Camel Premium steel vaccum thermosteel bottle Insulated: Vaccum insulation keeps liquid Hot for 12 hours & Cold for 24 hours. Inside copper coating for better heat retention Sturdy Construction: Fabricated inside in 18/8 quality stainless steel. Which is rust proof. Usage: 1.Use your bottle for tea, coffee, juice etc 2. Pre-condition your bottle with hot water, if using for hot beverages and with cold water if using for cold beverages. 3. Fill the bottle completely to maintain temprature 4. Do not use for carbonated drinks.


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